The Dogats Classic

This is the old edition of the Dogats ! The new edition is here !

The Dogats family is quite different from the others. Max the father never has any luck in life, Bonnie his wife wants at all costs to kill him, Rex their sons is the tormentor of his little sister Lily and she is a demon with supernatural powers, without forgetting their little pet Robert a cute little human being who does a lot of bullshit ! In short, you have understood we are dealing with a completely crazy family ...

  • Release Date: September 23, 2017
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action


Episode 1

Max drives the kids to school but nothing goes as planned because he has the mafia after him.

Episode 2

Max takes the whole family to the beach but nothing goes as planned.

Episode 3

The family goes to the carnival, Bonnie takes the opportunity to kill Max while being disguised, meanwhile Rex and Lily bicker for a plush.

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