Animations Bonus

Here I show you how I proceed to the creation of an episode of the Dogats.

Attention ! This is not a tutorial, here I show you in a simple way the steps that I do for the realization of an episode.

Step 1) Script


The first thing I do when making an episode is the script like this one. Unlike a «normal» script this one has no line of dialogue for the characters but instead are put their actions.

Step 2) Storyboard


After the creation of a script I proceed to the storyboard which consists of 6 boxes per page and of what to describe the box like this.

Step 3) Animation


I use the software (Blender) which allows me to create scenes, characters and animations.

Step 4) Video editing


I use video editing software (Adobe first pro) to put all the scenes I created previously as well as the sounds.

Step 5) Presentation

Once my episode is finished, before publishing on the networks, I prepare the description and the miniature that will be visible on Youtube.

Step 6) Publishing

Finally I publish the episode on networks such as Youtube and TikTok.